A Day with Dylan Lissette, CEO of Utz Potato Chips

Students in the Minor in Entrepreneurship thought they’d walked into a convenience store rather than the E Minor suite on March 1, 2016. Dylan Lissette, CEO of Utz was a guest speaker in the Commercial Ventures course, and with him he brought swag in the form of snacks for the students. Andres Herrera was in class that day and stated, “Something very memorable about his talk was the emphasis he put on the fact that in order to succeed you have to outwork everyone around you. You must compete with everyone and with yourself in order to come out on top and to get people to respect you."

Mr. Lissette held office hours where he offered to meet individually with students while he was on campus. Andy Wiese, pictured below with Dylan Lissette, was one of the students who took advantage of this opportunity.

After the conversation in class, there was a lunch in the suite where students joined Dylan to hear more candid advice and anecdotes from him.  

E Minor student, Marshal Sawyer who had an internship in the food industry said “In our generation we're so fast to desire to build tech companies or applications but we don't fancy physical products. The great thing about Dylan was that he used the ideas we learned in class on a product that is tangible. He talked about testing and gauging what customers wanted and then fulfilling that desire.”