American Underground Named Google Tech Hub

Every idea has to start somewhere. For Google, it was a garage. The same entrepreneurial spirit is being revitalized in the company’s “Google for Entrepreneurs” initiative, which is creating Google Tech Hubs in communities all over the country.  

Seven locations were selected to be Google Tech Hubs: Minneapolis, Chicago, Waterloo, Canada, Nashville, Denver, Detroit, and Durham.

The American Underground in Durham is a center for entrepreneurs to access office space, networking opportunities and support to develop emerging startups. Announced as a Google Tech Hub in September, American Underground will receive technical resources as well as events and workshops to support the growing needs of entrepreneurs using the space.  

Compared to the other six cities chosen for the program, Durham is the smallest.  

“We actually think this is a strength as our dense community allows for more interaction and collisions of people and ideas than a larger metro with fewer chances for startups to interact,” says Molly Demarest, Director of Operations and Community Development at the American Underground. “Durham is one of the few metros where startups have played such a critical role in a city's renaissance.”  

Companies in the American Underground have credits towards Google Apps, Maps and Cloud to streamline their operations in addition to attending Google and Google partner events and demos.  

“Most importantly, we will have access to other hubs in the network, with Google facilitating quarterly calls and bringing hub partners together in-person to share lessons learned and best practices for entrepreneurs,” Demarest says.  

Mackenzie Thomas, E-Minor Class of ‘13, is confident the American Underground will benefit from Google’s support. She is experiencing the network firsthand working with Google Community Partnerships in San Francisco.  

“Google provides an active global community of passionate supporters willing to provide resources and assistance. Google enthusiasts often come together to discuss the latest tools and tricks of the trade,” Thomas says. “Having a network of experts readily approachable offers startups the ability to launch and reiterate in supportive environments.”  

Thomas believes the combination of Google’s virtual resources and personal engagement will accelerate the growth and development of the Tech Hub’s startups.  

“At the American Underground, a series of events will provide in-person connections, while the pre-existing Google social infrastructure offers a springboard for virtual connection,” she says.  

Demarest and the American Underground team are incorporating Google Apps into their day-to-day activities, continuing to integrate the benefits of being a Tech Hub into the success of their companies. 

“The American Underground is the central station for ascending entrepreneurs,” Demarest is quick to add. “This is a high energy, high impact community with tons of opportunities to get plugged in, especially in the form of internships.” 

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