Expectations Of A New E-Minor Class

I asked two new Entrepreneurship Minor students, Gabriella Gaje and Augusta DeKemper, about their expectations and perspective about the minor.

Why did you apply?Gabriella Gaje

According to Gabriella, she applied because she felt that the minor would give her a business background without having to go through the Business School.  She also felt that the minor will give a hands-on approach to business.  Augusta applied to the minor because she felt that the minor was the best fit for her out of all the minors the UNC offers to Undergraduates.  Since she wants to study music, she felt that the artistic track was a great fit for her.  She also felt that she would be able to learn more in the Entrepreneurship Minor than in any other minor.

What do you hope to get out of the minor?

Gabriella hopes to get real world insight about the business industry from mentors and professionals.  She wants to also learn about the process of starting up a business and skills such as marketing, financing, and networking.  Augusta hopes to develop skills that will enable her to pursue her goals independently.  She would like to be able to produce and record her own album.

Augusta DeKemperWhat are you most excited about?

Gabriella is most excited about learning how things work, how everything ties together and what makes the entrepreneurship minor different from all the minors available at UNC.  Augusta is most excited about working with professors that are as excited about their subject of choice as she is.

What is entrepreneurship to you?

To Gabriella, entrepreneurship means the ability to market and sell a product via various outlets.  To her, entrepreneurship seems like a more interactive process, which excites her.  To Augusta, entrepreneurship means fulfilling goals successfully on your own.  She feels that it takes a certain independent drive to able to fulfill such goals.

Finally, both are excited to start the minor and want to see how they can grow from the minor as a person.