FAQ: E-Minor Applications

Having a tough time with the Eminor application? Here’s what the readers of your application have to say to some frequently asked questions about the application!

How long does the personal statement have to be?

One page. This page can either be extremely constricting for those of you that are very verbose, or intimidating for others who aren’t as descriptive. You can fit a lot into one page—take advantage of it!

What should you include in your personal statement?

Show us why you’re interested in entrepreneurship. Demonstrate how you’ll fit into the program through specific examples and stories. Be sure to write in your own voice! If you can’t hear yourself reading your personal statement, then the readers will definitely not be able to pick up on your personality.

When is the application due?

March 8th, but the sooner the better! There are about 100 spots for the minor this year. The earlier you can make an impression on the readers, the more lasting your impression may be.

Honestly, have fun with the application. This is a chance to really show people your passion and hunger for entrepreneurship. If you’ve got any additional questions, contact Lizzy Hazeltine ( Good luck to all the applicants!