Innovate Raleigh's Women in Business

On February 19, 2016 a few students in the Minor in Entrepreneurship attend a Women in Business event at CAM Raleigh. The event was hosted by Innovate Raleigh. Below are reflections of the students who went.

"Innovate Raleigh's Women in business meet-up event was a wonderful networking opportunity where young entrepreneurs like myself where able to communicate with professional entrepreneurs. I was fortunate enough to meet Cindy Whitehead, the former CEO of Sprout Pharmaceuticals, who sold her company for $1 billion dollars. Talking to her definitely inspired me to go after my entrepreneurship ventures." -Charlotte Henry

Previous Sprot CEO, Cindy Whitehead and E Minor student Charlotte

"I am so glad I decided to attend the Women in Business event last week! Not only was I able to meet local groups and businesses who support women, but I was also able to listen to inspiring speakers that I have read about and even seen on TV. Being a huge Shark Tank fan, I could not believe I was listening to Sharon Bui speak about her clothing company, Frill, which she pitched on the show last year. After the event, I even got a chance to meet Sharon, who was very eager to make connections with young women trying to start business ventures of their own. I found that everyone there was very focused on building each other up and helping one another reach their goals. I was inspired by the event and encouraged to know that there is a growing support group for women in the business world. After such a great experience there, I will be on the lookout for similar networking opportunities in the future!" -Caroline Harding

Sharon Bui, founder of Frill Clothing with E Minor students Morgan and Caroline

"This month, I had the opportunity to attend Innovate Raleigh's Women in Business event through the e-minor. It was a wonderful night full of networking and hearing from inspiring female leaders and innovators in the business world. The highlight of the night for me was meeting Sharon Bui, co-founder of Frill clothing and participant on season 6 of Shark Tank. (I remember watching her episode live!) Since meeting, Sharon has offered to serve as a mentor for me and has been actively introducing me to her connections in the production industry in Los Angeles. It's nights like this that remind me what a valuable experience the e-minor is!" - Morgan Yates