JNO Winner ArtWear Launches Indiegogo Campaign

The numbers tell the story; 12,000 Instagram followers, $1,756 in 3 days raised through Indiegogo, 51 shirts sold in 3 hours, 9 artists supported, 2 E-Minors running their own business. NYC Innovation Fellow and JNO Winner Natalia Gonzalez recently premiered her first line of "wearable art” with co-founder Lisa Myers. ArtWear Designs promotes local art, music and fashion through selling tanks and tees screenprinted with young artists' work.

 Recently featured in Triangle Business Journal, ArtWear Designs just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo last Monday.

 Learn more from CEO and Founder Natalia Gonzalez:

1. Why did you choose to launch an Indiegogo campaign?

Honestly, crowdfunding isn’t something that we had thought about at all. After pitching for the JNO Award, one of the judges insisted that Artwear Designs would be perfect for Indiegogo. With the advice (and insisting) of Charles Merritt and Cate Tidwell, we decided that an Indiegogo campaign would allow us to gather funding from people who are as passionate about art and entrepreneurship as we are. This campaign will also allow us to build upon the strong foundation that the Minor in Entrepreneurship has given our company.

2. Do you see crowdfunding as an emerging technique in the entrepreneurship space? Why or why not?

Absolutely! It is an incredible way to gather funding from people all over the world who care about the same things that you do. It also allows average, everyday people to invest in companies in small, yet meaningful ways.

 3. What do you hope to gain from this campaign?

First, we hope to share our Artwear mission with people outside of our network who might not be directly connected to the UNC network or who share our love of art and fashion. We hope to raise $10,000 in funding in this campaign.

 These funds we collect from this campaign will allow us to:

Add more ARTISTS to our Artwear Collection. We would like to have at least 1 artist from every US state featured in the next collection.Offer different STYLE selections for our current and future designs (i.e. offer the same design for both men and women's apparel). Purchase INVENTORY and STORAGE for the inventory! (A small college apartment isn't the best place for it…). Cover LEGAL & accounting costs so that we can ensure we are giving our artists the fair compensation that they deserve.

 4. How can E-minor students and alumni get involved?

SHARE OUR CAMPAIGN! Of course, we would love it if everyone could contribute to our campaign. We are offering some fabulous “perks” to all contributors including pieces from our collection, original music or artwork from our artists, and more. We understand that not everyone can financially contribute, and that’s perfectly okay! By simply sharing our link to friends, family, and on social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), E-minor students and alumni can help us tremendously! Help us spread the word :)