Summer Interns in NYC

This summer, there were 23 Minor in Entrepreneurship students who interned in New York City.  Students interned at Startups (Blippar and Project Expedition), at companies founded by E Minor alumni (Iceberg Guards and TodayTix), and places where they were able to contribute their diverse talents. Regardless of the individual experience, the hope of the E Minor is that students had a valuable summer experience.

The Minor in Entrepreneurship relied on a devoted group of alumni and friends to pull off enrichment events, so that students were able to learn more about entrepreneurship and innovation in NYC. A full schedule of the events throughout the summer was shared with students early in the summer so that they could plan accordingly. After each event students provided feedback.

The summer started with a Welcome Event hosted by alumnus, Brian Fenty.  Students enjoyed connecting with the other students who were also in the city, and meeting alumni at this event. Lane McDonald and Anagha Hanumante were two other alumni who hosted events during the summer as well. Reflecting on the finance panel, Laura Misra wrote “I learned the best ways to market myself as an individual and develop a brand for myself to use in interviews and for future jobs.”

One of the favorite events of the summer was a YouTube Spaces tour, organized by Entrepreneur in Residence for the E Minor, Jed Simmons. Annie Gray Dixon said “I had no idea that YouTube owned spaces such as this one in NYC. It's a really great idea that enables different artists to come in and use or even learn to use professional gear”.

All of these students had previously taken entrepreneurship classes, but getting out and seeing entrepreneurship in action gave them a different prospective.