The Entrepreneurship Minor is open to all majors seeking to learn about the process of transforming their ideas into reality.

The minor is designed for undergraduates who wish to complement their major area of study with an understanding of what is involved in creating a new venture of any kind.

The minor is currently offered in six tracks: commercial, social, scientific, sports, artistic, and public health.

The minor requires four courses, a prerequisite and a summer internship:

  • Prerequisite (for students beginning the Minor in the fall 2015): Principles of Economics, ECON 101 — focuses on the economic system that is integral to both social and commercial entrepreneurship.
  • Prerequisite (for students beginning the Minor in the fall of 2016): Principles of Economics, ECON 101 — focuses on the economic system that is integral to both social and commercial entrepreneurship & Introduction to Entrepreneurship, ECON 125 — A survey course providing both a theoretical framework and practical examples of what it means to think like an entrepreneur and how such thinking can impact a range of important societal challenges.
  • Entrepreneurship: Principles and Practice, ECON 325  — provides a historical overview of the role and importance of entrepreneurship in the economy and society, a framework for approaching entrepreneurship and innovation, and exposure to the core competencies required of all entrepreneurs. This course is only offered during the fall semester.
  • Commercial Venture Creation- ECON 327 (001), Social Venture Creation (PLCY 326), Scientific Venture Creation- ECON 327 (002), Sports Venture Creation- EXSS 328, Artistic Venture Creation- ECON 327 (003), or Public Health Venture Creation- NUTR 780 — examines the concepts and tools needed to pursue various ventures. The courses take students through the process of creating a detailed plan for a proposed venture.  This course is only offered during the spring semester.
  • Capstone Course in Entrepreneurship, ECON 393  — provides an opportunity for reflection on lessons learned from the entrepreneurship courses and internship experience. This course is designed to be taken after the required internship.
  • Elective —one elective from a list of approved courses.
  •  (Students who begin the Minor in the fall of 2016 will take Econ 125 instead of an elective)
  • Internship in Entrepreneurship — provides a direct, supervised experience in the process of entrepreneurship, typically during the summer after students complete introductory and venture creation courses. 

Admission to the minor is achieved by enrollment in ECON 325 by permission of the instructors. Applications are closed for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Undergraduate business majors should be formally admitted to the Minor in Entrepreneurship before declaring the minor through the Undergraduate Business Program.  Instructions on how to declare a minor can be found on the Undergraduate Business Program’s intranet.

For more information, contact:

            Lauren Willets
Director of Student Programming
Department of Economics
(919) 843-2689