Women in Entrepreneurship

Leigh Goodwin, co-founder of LeighDeux Designs, speaks to a group of women for a WiE Event in the fall of 2015.


The Women in Entrepreneurship Program is an extension of the Minor in Entrepreneurship that seeks to prepare and empower aspiring business professionals for the opportunities ahead. 

The group was founded in 2005 by Julia Grumbles, who served as the right-hand woman to Ted Turner for 20 years. Julia has experienced firsthand the challenges of being a female entrepreneur. WiE's founding mission is to provide young women with the training and guidance they need to become successful business professionals who make a difference in their communities.  

Since its founding, WiE has evolved into a student-run, alumnae-advised forum for students, alumnae and established professionals to share their experiences and build relationships.  Women interested in joining the group should find us on Facebook

Past guest speakers include:

  • LaurieAnn Goldman: CEO of Spanx
  • Susan Grant: Executive Vice President of CNN News Services
  • Frances Gravely:  Founder and Principal of VIETRI
  • Susan Gravely:  Founder and Chief Executive Officer of VIETRI
  • Kimberly Jenkins: Founder of Microsoft’s Education Division and former President of the Internet Policy Institute
  • Etta Pisano: Vice Dean for Academic Affairs in the UNC School of Medicine, Kenan Professor of Radiology & Biomedical Engineering and Director of the UNC Biomedical Research Imaging Center
  • VK Fields: Founder of V.K. Fields & Co and Lecturer in the School of Media and Journalism
  • Jody Porowski: Co-Founder of Avelist
  • Leigh Goodwin: Co-Founder of LeighDeux Designs

I didn’t think I would ever be one to get involved with a “women’s group.” In fact the first time I heard about the group, I admit that I snickered at the thought of a business networking group that excluded men. But just two years later in the “working world,” I am truly grateful for all of the tips that I picked up from successful business women who spoke at our networking sessions. I am currently working to build a small company with three men and—let me tell you—it’s not always easy for the young, soft-spoken blonde to make her points heard. But every day, thanks to my involvement in the Women’s Networking Program, I can smile thinking back on stories from the fabulous women who spoke at our group sessions and am proud of the opportunity to relate to them.

Braden Rawls
Class of '08 


The program is unique from other speaker series in that it is a laid-back, say-anything opportunity to discuss career challenges that are distinctive to females. My participation has helped me discover my own biases, strengths, and weakness as I find myself considering topics I would not likely discuss with any other group. As a first year UNC graduate student, I continue to attend to keep in touch with women in the minor, explore my career goals, and meet speakers who are genuinely interested in helping young women like me be successful.

 Anna Wyatt
Class of '08