New York City

The events with the * are the events organized by the E Minor, and these will be the events that will count towards your attendance in Econ 393 this fall. (You must attend 6 in order to not attend class this fall.) Before each event you will have to fill an RSVP form so that we can let the hosts know how many students.  These will be due 48 hours before each event. After each event, you will have 48 hours to fill out a feedback form on the event. (This is how we will keep attendance.) The other events are things that are going on in NYC that you should take advantage of since you’re there this summer!

*Welcome Event: Sunday, June 12- 4-6:30 at Brian Fenty's Residence Attendance Form

*Tuesday, June 21- YouTube Spaces Tour Feedback Form

*Tuesday, June 28- Finance Panel at the Partners Group (organized by Lane McDonald) Feedback Form

*Wednesday, June 29- Women in Entrepreneurship Event at Lane McDonald's home  Feedback Form

*Thursday, July 7- An evening at Margaux with co-founder Alexa Buckley RSVP Here   Fill out the Feedback form after the event 

*Thursday, July 11- Startup Panel at Matter Panel Feedback Form Here

*Tuesday, July 19- End of Summer Celebration at Bernard Bell's (Registration for this event is closed, but afterwards let us know you attended with this Feedback Form.)

*Thursday, July 21- Credit Suisse with E Minor alum Anagha Hanumante, focused on FinTech and Innovation within banking Feedback Form Here