A Student Perspective on Beijing 2010 Part 2

Of the 22 million residents 12 individuals more just arrived in Beijing, all temporary residents, entrepreneurship minor students from UNC - my CEI Beijing group.  I was quick to get to know these eclectic people. They are all really down friends, great talkers who love a high energy time and are quick to partake on adventures. Easily enjoyed is a good joke but even more awarding are the reflective conversations and exchange of observations between each of us. We are American solaces to one another in the face of the greatest cultural immersions of our lives thus far. I love it.

Our university is called Capital Normal University or in Chinese, Shifan Daxue. Shifan Daxue is the school that puts out potential teachers of all different subjects. It is one of the four or so highly acclaimed universities here in Beijing and for that matter China. The students here appear to be very smart and hard working but their studiousness is given as they are all rather caught up in the steamy competition of Chinese school systems. I met my roommate Wong on Friday and we are already close as if we’ve known each other for years. He likes playing his bass guitar and frequents the gym. Wong is studying to be an English teacher and given his good English, my subpar Chinese and his great taste of music we hit it off quick.

--Matt Lee