Climate Action Challenge

On the first day of my internship at Climate Action in Beijing my CEO,

Darrell Barnes, gave me a challenge in order to help ease the transition into the company and also, of course, to help the business. The challenge is essentially a sales competition between myself and two other interns, who are arriving later in July. Measured from the time you start at Climate Action, the challenge entails two parts. The first is persuade 10 people to purchase voluntary carbon offsets from Climate Actions website, the minimum purchase is 1 ton which cost from $10 to $18 depending on the project. The second part involves setting up 5 referral links on other websites. Referrals, which are actually broken down into 4 options, in the simplest of terms increase web traffic to Climate Action's site while also giving the host website a clear appearance of being socially and environmentally responsible. There are separate cash prizes for completion of the challenge, the fastest completion time, and for the most referrals and sales. This challenge has helped me ease into the company's culture and to learn about all different aspects of Climate Action's operations. More than anything though, the challenge has incentivized me to take initiative for the company, which in turn has made me feel like a real asset to this young business, rather than just a cumbersome summer intern. I hope you will take the time to explore Climate Action's website and learn about the innovative ideas and projects they are currently exploring in China and around the world. Zài Jiàn from Beijing (that’s one of two Chinese phrases I know),

...and...if you feel the urge to buy a ton or two of carbon offsets this summer, be sure to let me know because the game-clock is ticking away.

Will Etheridge

Climate Action