Minor hosts 2010 Triangle Internship Group

June 15, 2010

The Minor in Entrepreneurship is hosting a Triangle summer internship group seminar to acquant students with local companies and facilitate networking and information sharing.  "The program is a unique 'study abroad at home' opportunity for twenty students completing local internships--an opportunity to learn more about the Carolina economy and the Research Triangle region," said Maryann Feldman, professor in public policy and in the minor in entrepreneurship, who is leading the group.  The students will visit local companies, incubators and institutions throughout the summer.

Friday, June 4th marked the kickoff of the program with a visit to start-up companies at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham, N.C. where students met entrepreneurs from Downtown Durham, Inc. and Bronto.

American Tobacco Center site visit

Students visit with Michael Coppedge, Director of Marketing and Communications for Downtown Durham.


American Tobacco Center site visit

Students also met with Gerry Boyle, Senior Property Manager for Capitol Broadcasting Company, Inc. at the American Tobacco Campus.


Students discuss the Durham Performing Arts Center's role in the Downtown Durham economy.


American Tobacco Center site visit

Students visit with Joe Colopy, Founder and CEO of Bronto, a leading email marketing service provider based in Durham.