My Experience at TRS Institute

I spent my internship working for a medical transcription training company based out of Greensboro called TRS Institute. This company started out as a medical transcription service organization and has recently concentrated its efforts in the training of a workforce of competent transcriptionists. The training exists online in the U.S. and on-site in several English speaking Caribbean countries. I couldn’t have gotten involved with TRSi at a more perfect time and have been privileged to be able to help with the creation of their new web site, new marketing strategies such as social networking and SEO, and their national conference in Nashville, TN. Something that is really exciting for me from an entrepreneurial standpoint is that currently in this industry there are 25% more jobs available than there are people to work them. What an ideal opportunity for an entrepreneurial venture like TRSi to enter this market! I was also able to accompany my boss on a trip to Washington, DC for the industry’s Advocacy Day. We met with our senator and several other NC representatives to discuss the pending HITECH Act and the effect that it has on the entire healthcare documentation industry.

It has been really fun and exciting for me to see what I have learned about entrepreneurship in the minor actually come to life in my internship. I absolutely love everyone at the office (they are like a family and even eat lunch together every day!) and really couldn’t have asked for a better placement. Bob Harvey, CEO of TRSi, made sure that I was taken care of and was great about explaining everything about the industry to me. I have thoroughly enjoyed using my journalism background to help with the creation of several written pieces for TRSi.The real-life internship experience that I received this summer is absolutely invaluable and is a great supplement to what I have been exposed to in the minor of entrepreneurship.