Press Release for Blinkness--Minor Alum Corey Harris' Start-Up

Blinkness Goes National! : Kansas State Collegian Partnership

January 18th, 2011

Blinkness, a technology company which strives to become the Google of the collegiate market, was founded in January 2010 by two UNC Graduates, Zaid Farooqui and Corey Harris. In less than a year, they’ve accomplished a major milestone: Developing a partnership with a newspaper outside of North Carolina. So how did they do it?

Corey, Blinkness Founder & COO and Entrepreneurship Minor Graduate, negotiated the deal  and stated that at times he felt that there was a lack of interest on the part of the Kansas State Collegian: “It’s funny because I first pitched them BlinkCoupons in September 2010 and during a period of three months of sparse communication, I became frustrated and had decided to give up but  surprisingly the next day I received an email from the Kansas State University Student Media Director, Steve Wolgast, assuring me of his interest in using our service and in that instance I realized that persistence pays”. They officially finalized the deal December 30th 2010, which was not only the best way to end 2010 but to ring in the New Year. In January 2011, they will launch BlinkCoupons at Kansas State University and Wake Forest University.

 Zaid, Blinkness Founder & CEO, originally started the company in 2009 and he handles all of the product development responsibilities and negotiated the first partnership with the Daily Tar Heel. Currently, Blinkness provides three services:, a free version of which allows students to view the grade distributions and student comments of their prospective professors for free; BlinkCoupons, a mobile-coupon platform which allows advertisers to create mobile-coupons; and BlinkTextbooks, a book price comparison website which helps students save 60-90% off all textbook purchases.

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