TransEnterix is a start-up medical device company born from the collaboration of a few surgeons. It is a true start-up in the sense that currently, there are two separate offices and only one has a copier and paper shredder; and, before a few weeks ago the conference room could only comfortably seat 6 or 7 people. 

My experience here has been quite incredible. I have been able to sit in on a variety of meetings about product launch, launch planning, advertising and marketing, the list really goes on and on. Some of my larger projects have included; working on a competitive analysis for potential investors, product pricing, and a product launch timeline. I have learned tons about market analysis, and the medical device industry. 

The best thing about being an intern at TransEnterix is the atmosphere. There are times when things are a little uncertain and tense but there is an overwhelming sense of pride, determination, and dedication that each employee exudes. I have found in my time at TransEnterix that being an entrepreneur means having persistence, a vision, and passion. The things I have learned here I know will be invaluable to me in the future and I am so grateful to have been able to have had this experience.