Each semester, distinguished entrepreneurs from all walks of life are invited to speak to students of the minor.  The speakers talk about their experiences working with entrepreneurial organizations and offer advice to students.

Our previous speakers include finance guru Dr. Keith Jarrett, arts philanthropy innovator Ruby Lerner, Global Giving co-founder Dennis Whittle and other luminaries in tech, social, arts and commercial entrepreneurship. 

This Spring the Minor will welcome the following speakers to campus:

- Shazi Visram of Happy Baby
- Gary Parr
- Desh Deshpande
- Ed Strong

Past Speakers

Fall 2011

  • Geoff Sayre-McCord, Professor of Philosophy
  • Dennis Whittle, Co-founder of Global Giving 
  • Ed Strong, Co-founder of Dodger Productions, Producer of Jersey Boys
  • Karen Shelton, Head Coach, UNC Women's Field Hockey Team
  • Brett Smith, Founder and President of Counter Culture Coffee (www.counterculturecoffee.com/)
  • Liquidia Management Team

Fall 2010

  • Rachel Weeks, Founder and CEO of School House (www.shopschoolhouse.com/)
  • Ruby Lerner, founding Executive Director and President of Creative Capital Foundation (www.creative-capital.org/)
  • Brett Smith, Founder and President of Counter Culture Coffee (www.counterculturecoffee.com/)
  • Keith Jarrett, Principal/Co-Founder in Rockport Funding, LLC (www.therockportgroup.com)
  • Gary Mueller, Founder and Chairman of ISI Emerging Markets Chairman (www.securities.com)
  • Dick Baddour, UNC Director of Athletics
  • iContact Management Team, (www.icontact.com/)


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