Innovation Scholars Program

The Carolina Innovation Scholarship Program is a new initiative helping the University become the premier destination for the most promising young innovators in the world.

For undergraduate students, the program draws on the intellectual and social resources of the University, especially resources that already promote and nurture entrepreneurial efforts across campus. 

The Carolina Innovation Scholarships are intended to provide scholars with a rich and diverse educational experience including connections to a wide and growing network of entrepreneurs and organizations, all designed to support their entrepreneurial aspirations.  Backed by the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid and linked with the Minor in Entrepreneurship in the College of Arts & Sciences, scholars are prepared to invent solutions and create value, whether in commerce, science, society, or the arts.  Each scholar is guaranteed acceptance into the College’s Minor in Entrepreneurship, as well as key courses including a First Year Seminar on Entrepreneurship and university-wide Introduction to Entrepreneurship. Mentoring, coaching and assistance with placement into internship and externships throughout their Carolina career complement the program’s curricular components.

For further information about the program, please contact Lizzy Hazeltine