Ken Weiss and Deborah Gerhardt teach the Artistic track.  The track examines the concepts and tools needed to pursue artistic ventures, including the formation of business plans for student created ventures, and includes the legal aspects and challenges of Intellectual Property, i.e. copyright, trademarks, logos and patents. The instructors cover the music industry with emphasis on music publishing rights, the recording business, and booking and promotion for the live performance industry.  It also includes discussions of the television, motion picture and theatre businesses.  Guests who feature prominently in these industries are brought in to share their careers and interact with students.  Such guests can include musicians, singers, theatrical producers, film and television actors, talent agents, dancers, record industry executives, et al. The course takes students through the process of creating formal business plans for proposed artistic ventures, plans that are built and revised throughout the semester.

artistic trackartistic track

"Prior to my time in the E-minor's artistic track, I was a pre-law student with dreams of being a filmmaker. The courses in this minor not only showed me that my dreams could be practical and pay the bills, but gave me the inspiration I needed to pursue them as well. Two and a half years after graduation, I still find myself calling my professor for career advice." Myrna Perez, Class of 2014

“As a music major, I possessed a strong passion for the arts, but never would have known how to incorporate that into my legal career but for this class.  The program gave me the tools and the confidence to succeed in a notoriously exclusive industry.  As an entertainment lawyer, I’m living my dream career, which never would have been on my radar if not for Ken Weiss and the Artistic track of the E-Minor." Jamie Starling, Class of 2013

"Enrolling in the Artistic Track of the E-Minor was the best decision I made at UNC. If you have your sights set on an arts-related profession, you have to take Ken Weiss's class. I garnered enormous insight from this class, our private conversations, and from his many connections (and an internship) in the music business." Zack Bolak, Class of 2015

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Explore the process behind starting a commercial venture.  


Explore the process behind starting a social venture. 


Entrepreneurship in scientific and high tech fields.


Explore the process behind starting an artistic venture.


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 Innovation directed at improving the health and welfare of populations.  


Students to experience the full breadth of the creative industry.


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