Dr. Lowry Caudill and Dr. Greg Copenhaver teach the scientific track. The class explores entrepreneurship in scientific and technological fields. Through the course, students learn the entrepreneurial mindset and acquire skills including negotiation, business plan creation, and how to raise capital. Throughout the course, students work in groups to create a business plan for a scientific venture of their own creation.

Dr. Lowry Caudill

The Scientific Ventures class is designed to equip students with the necessary skills to create a science or technology based business. It’s a privilege to part of this program.

Dr. Lowry Caudill
Instructor of the Minor in Entrepreneurship Scientific Venture Creation Course

It has been an experience that is truly unrivaled by any other course curriculum at Carolina. I doubt there is any other class that can prepare students so thoroughly for the opportunities and challenges of future entrepreneurial endeavors.

Nathan Menaker 
Previous Student in the Minor in Entrepreneurship Scientific Venture Creation Course

Our Tracks


Explore the process behind starting a commercial venture.  


Explore the process behind starting a social venture. 


Entrepreneurship in scientific and high tech fields.


Explore the process behind starting an artistic venture.


Entrepreneurship in sports, fitness, and exercise science related fields.

Public Health

 Innovation directed at improving the health and welfare of populations.  


Students to experience the full breadth of the creative industry.


Learn about innovation in the Media Industry.

Computer Science

The intersection of Entrepreneurship and Computer Science.