Professors Jim Johnson and Pamela Santos teach the social track. Social entrepreneurship differs from traditional commercial entrepreneurship in its purpose: the success of a social venture is measured largely by it's positive impact on people's lives. Throughout the course, students will explore the meaning of social entrepreneurship and create a business plan for a social venture.

The social track enabled me to connect my passion for social issues with tangible strategies for innovation. I developed a critical set of skills that stretched my mind state from limited good intentions to feasible and scalable models of effective changes.

Carlos Toriello
Alumnus of the Minor in Entrepreneurship

Our Tracks


Explore the process behind starting a commercial venture.  


Explore the process behind starting a social venture. 


Entrepreneurship in scientific and high tech fields.


Explore the process behind starting an artistic venture.


Entrepreneurship in sports, fitness, and exercise science related fields.

Public Health

 Innovation directed at improving the health and welfare of populations.  


Students to experience the full breadth of the creative industry.


Learn about innovation in the Media Industry.

Computer Science

The intersection of Entrepreneurship and Computer Science.