The passion for sports is here at UNC! This multi-billion dollar industry is filled with innovators and entrepreneurial thinking. The Sport Track guides students through the process of creating ventures related to the science and business of sports, from marketing to sports medicine.  Throughout the course students work in groups to create a business plan and/or business model canvas for a sports venture of their own creation. Previous student projects have included the creation of mobile apps, innovative stadium upgrades, unique broadcasting services, technology embedded in balls, and more efficient fitness equipment. Innovation lives here!

Dr. Deborah Stroman, professor in the Kenan-Flagler Business School and Director of Sport Entrepreneurship at the Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise, teaches the Sport Venture course each spring semester. She has an adjunct lecturer position in the Department of Exercise and Sport Science.

Student Feedback:

  1. "I've learned more about entrepreneurship in the introductory and sport ventures class than I ever thought I'd learn. The professors are so engaging and generally want you to learn."
  2. "I am really enjoying Dr. Stroman's class. I look forward to coming to it every Tuesday and Thursday!"
  3. "I really enjoy the creative activities we do that make us think out of the box. I also liked the challenge Dr. Stroman gave us to create the most diverse groups possible."
  4. "Keep doing what you are doing because I'm loving this class!"
  5. "I liked interviewing an entrepreneur because it allowed me to see what we are learning in class at work in real life. I also like that you take current events and current painpoints (like student tickets at basketball games) and have us come with potential solutions.

 EXSS 328 S14

Dr. Stroman and incredible Sport Venture students with Olympic Swimmer and Entrepreneur, Charlie Houchins. 

Our Tracks


Explore the process behind starting a commercial venture.  


Explore the process behind starting a social venture. 


Entrepreneurship in scientific and high tech fields.


Explore the process behind starting an artistic venture.


Entrepreneurship in sports, fitness, and exercise science related fields.

Public Health

 Innovation directed at improving the health and welfare of populations.  


Students to experience the full breadth of the creative industry.


Learn about innovation in the Media Industry.

Computer Science

The intersection of Entrepreneurship and Computer Science.